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You don't have to live with unbearable heat.  Waycool can cool any indoor/outdoor location or event to a comfortable temperature level.  Waycool is a portable, easy to maintain unit that operates on 110 electric and water.  Use it for warehouses, factories, workshops, agricultural structures, indoor/outdoor functions, porch and patios, oil rigs and special events.  (To illustrate:  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Miami Hurricanes and the Tennessee Titans are all currently using our evaporative coolers on their sidelines.)  Virtually anywhere heat relief is need, our Waycool evaporative coolers get the job done for 1/10th the operating cost of conventional air-conditioning.  Studies have also shown that by keeping employees cooler and happier, productivity can also be dramatically increased.

The Waycool evaporative cooler's unique design is not another "me too" product.  Its patented design truly separates it from other chillers and misting systems.  We invite you, the customer, to compare head to head our Waycool with their evaporative cooling fans.  Waycool features and affordability are in a class by themselves.  Our portable evaporative cooling fan simply outperforms the competition.  Our high speed centrifugal force fan is much more efficient and quieter than any blade fan.  Measured in a warehouse environment our cooler will project air in excess of 100 feet.  Whether you live in the desert, the tropics, or are just seeking heat relief during the long hot summer, we deliver.

Our unit can also be connected to an optional ducting adapter and hose, to pump a high volume of cool air directly into a space where otherwise ventilation would be impossible.  (To illustrate: engine compartments, attics or spaces that are very close quarters.)

One main difference in the Waycool portable evaporative cooling fan is the use of a centrifugal blower in place of the typical blade fan.  After extensive testing we have found that the effectiveness and convenience of the centrifugal fan far exceeds that of any blade fan.


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